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Spinster DLG – Free Plans!

J&H Aerospace is pleased to announce the successful completion of the new Spinster DLG, a super low-tech DLG that will cost about $30 to build and serves as an excellent introduction to DLG/F3K. It only takes a couple of evenings to build and has a removable wing so you can easily transport it to the […]

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F1D Propeller Construction

Now that Hope and Josh have recovered from the F1D World Championship, we are going to start uploading footage from various flying activities again. In the meantime, here are some propeller building videos we meant to upload back in February. First up is how to double taper balsa spars. I use this technique for all […]

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Boron gluing tool

A few people have asked me how I coat boron fibers with glue to secure them to motorsticks/tailbooms/etc. I made a coating tool some years ago that works great for this. It’s made from thin aluminum (about the same as a coke can). I formed it into a bowl shape with pliers, and over a […]

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Installing wire bearings and rear hooks

A recent discussion on the Yahoo Indoor_Construction forum revealed the need for more tutorials on installing wire bearings and hooks in rolled tube fuselages, particularly for beginning F1D fliers. What follows is my personal method. Some will find it too heavy, others too difficult. This is the reason why there are many different methods for […]

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Covering Indoor Models with OS Film

We put together this tutorial at the request of several newcomers to the hobby. This is how Hope and I achieve our nice covering jobs for F1D flying, and we have found that it does improve the flight performance of our models. Enjoy!  

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