Carbonette 6 Catapult Glider

Carbonette 6 Catapult Glider


Product Description

Carbonette 6 is the result of Joshua Finn’s 20+ years of free flight glider experience. Featuring strong, lightweight construction and hand selected balsa, the Carbonette 8 is the final answer in small free flight gliders. With a modern Buddenbohm airfoil and a coat of minwax varnish, it will launch over 100′ high and glide for over 60 seconds with only an AMA catapult for launch energy. Even a strong throw will provide a satisfying glide.

These are great for the annual 6 inch glider postal contests hosted by and local small field competitions. You might want to order more than one–they thermal out of sight quickly!

Please note that this model uses very thing balsa and an advanced construction technique for the wing construction. If you have not built a free flight glider before, please consider purchasing an Aleda first to get you feet wet so you can get the most from your Carbonette 6.

Build video for the Carbonette 8 (all Carbonettes use the same instructions):


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