Carbonette 19 Micro R/C DLG/Boost Glider


Carbonette 19 Micro R/C DLG/Boost Glider


Product Description

The Carbonette 19 is unmatched in its class as the world’s only dual use micro R/C glider. Whether it’s sloping the roof of your house in a suburban neighborhood or blazing into the sky at the flying field, this is one incredible performer.

Carbonette 19 is the culmination of Josh Finn’s search for a truly practical micro DLG capable of delivering no-compromise performance on the launch pad. The result is one of the easiest to fly R/C boost gliders in the world, capable of reliable high launches on everything from A to C engines. With plenty of weight budget from its Sweepette-inspired aerodynamics, this model can take a coat of sealer and a light misting of paint for visibility without losing its flying abilities.

Kit includes:

– Hand selected contest grade balsa
– All hardware for mechanisms and control linkages
– Pultruded carbon boom

Required for completion:

– Basic assembly tools such as hobby knife, CA glue, and sand paper
– Two channel or greater DSM2/DSMX compatible radio transmitter
– Spektrum 4 channel receiver brick, or Parkzone Vapor receiver brick
– 70-150 mah 1s lipo (Flyzone’s 35 mah Inum pack recommended)
– Estes 18mm black powder B6-4 and/or C6-5 engines (Can use A8-3 on a piston for contest flying) for optimal performance
– Launch pad and controller


See it fly:

Booster build video:

Glider build video:

Rocket Launch Instructions:



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