J&H Aerospace training and coaching

In addition to the Basic and Full versions of Indoor Flight University, we offer online and in-person coaching. Online coaching is through Google or Zoom, in 1 hr increments at $75/hr. We limit these sessions to no more than 3 sessions per week and no more than 2 hrs each. All sessions must be by prior agreement so that they may interface with our operations schedules. Coaching is first-come first-served. At present there is no additional charge should your full team wish to participate in a session.

In-person coaching, like online coaching sessions, requires prior agreement from us to interface with our schedules. Teams and individuals receiving in-person coaching are responsible for our travel expenses to/from the coaching site and a $600/day coaching rate, plus any materials required for the coaching activity such as kits, adhesives, and tooling. At present we do not have any site rental agreements, so training recipients will need to schedule a suitable venue for building and/or flying. We do carry AMA insurance and an AMA Contest Director licence which enables us to access the AMA Flying Site Insurance program.

Vendors and free internet information resources.

Here are several websites featuring useful information about rocketry and free flight. If there is some material or product you need for that specialty airplane or rocket, these are the places to find it!

Indoor FF Supply – your source for the finest tools ever created for building and flying, including winders, rubber and balsa strippers, nose bearings, and steering balloons.

INAV – Indoor News and Views is the ultimate repository of indoor free flight aircraft design, construction, and flying resources.

HPA – Hip Pocket Aeronautics discussion forum for free flight and ultralight R/C topics.

Flite Test – Flite Test store and forum for resources on low-cost R/C design, construction, and flying.

Volare Products – Supplier of excellent free flight kits, flying accessories, and Tan Supersport Rubber.

Indoor Specialties – Ray Harlan’s web store for indoor free flight construction and flying equipment.

Hobby Specialties – The exclusive outlet for OS Film indoor model covering material, the lightest commercially available covering.

NFFS – National Free Flight Society, the governing body of indoor and outdoor free flight competition in the United States.

AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics sanctions model aircraft activities in the US.

NAR – National Association of Rocketry sanctions model and high power rocketry in the US; their website features design and flying resources for rocket gliders.

Bruce Kimball razor plane- you can contact Bruce at [email protected]. He makes them in batches so he can tell you lead times.

Model Airplane Design & Components