About short kits

We offer many Old Time and Nostalgia class rubber models as short kits. These models are offered in this format for several reasons, although we do provide full kits for an ever increasing number of these designs.

Short kits are easier and faster to produce, so we can release them more quickly to you, and we can cut them to order much faster than we can produce full kits

Most competition oriented customers only use kits to simplify construction but prefer to use their own covering, hardware, and even stripwood. In some cases, such as with our large Mulvihill and Wakefield models, propeller hardware simply isn’t available at a production level, and we don’t have the ability to produce those components ourselves (we’re working on that!).

So what does a short kit include?

A short kit includes all of the sheet balsa components which need to be cut out with a knife, such as ribs, formers, wingtips, wing/tail saddles, etc. Some of these parts, such as the multitudinous ribs on the tapered flying surfaces of the BOP Challenger, are frustrating and tedious to cut out by hand. An ever increasing percentage of our short kits also include a full set of laser cut cross pieces and uprights to further speed the construction. With each successive kit we release, we further perfect this are of reducing the amount of time you spend cutting out parts. This gets you in the air quicker while still preserving the experience of building your own airplane.

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