Carbonette 19 Mod4 Catapult Glider

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The Carbonette 19 Mod4 CLG is updates our successful AMA contest glider to the latest tech, allowing excellent launches and easy trimming. This model is an uncompromising performance machine designed to launch high and core into strong thermals without spiraling in. Its floating glide serves in stark contrast to other smaller models.

This model features a reliable, modern pop-forward dethermalizer. You will not find a more advanced catapult glider design than this one!

Flight Demo:

Carbonette 19 Mod4 build video:

Legacy Carbonette 19 Mod1 Build video:

Carbonette 19 Mod1 trimming instructions:

1 review for Carbonette 19 Mod4 Catapult Glider

  1. Mitch Gilmore (verified owner)

    Another beautiful kit from Josh!!!! I’ve ordered a total of 4 Carbonette 19’s now. They are the perfect size for performance and being able to see easily. They launch very well and float forever! This is my favorite size for a catapult glider. The tumbling pigeon DT really brings this bird down in short order too. A quick but enjoyable build results in a top of the line glider. Thanks again Josh and Hope!!

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