Electron 2022 – complies with Science Olympiad Electric Wright Stuff rules

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All Electron kits purchased after November 15, 2021, include a “no switch” charger to comply with the new SO rules interpretation. These are by far the best chargers available.

Warning: the power systems required to fly these airplanes correctly are FRAGILE. We do no cover damage due to mishandling including improper removal from packaging. Should a system arrive damaged in the packaging, proof of that condition is required, otherwise you will be charged $10 per replacement power unit plus shipping.

Electron is specifically designed for Electric Wright Stuff, so it meets all of the restrictions specified in the 2021/2022 Science Olympiad Electric Wright Stuff rules. This aircraft features carbon wing posts, spars, and tailboom for light, rigid construction and maximum streamlining. It is a little more challenging to build than the Zapper, so you should choose that kit if you are new to building model airplanes.

Includes all materials except two AA batteries for the charger! The Electron 2022 kit includes two power systems and parts for two complete models.

Tools/materials required: CA glue (or Duco/Ambroid/Sigment), 3M-77 spray adhesive, vaseline, razor blades, sandpaper, ruler, scissors, 2x AA batteries.

Optional: scale. Don’t forget a storage box!

Flight demo:

Science Olympiad have just announced that they will no longer allow the built in resistors on the power boards. These resistors are very brittle and can easily be removed by crushing them with a pair of needle nose pliers exactly as shown below (be very careful not to damage the board). This in no way affects the operation of the airplane since the resistors are already disconnected from the circuit.



Also be very careful to ensure that the label is clearly visible on the capacitor:


Build instructions:

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