Evo Fire DLG


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Traian Moresanu’s wooden masterpiece rocked the F3K world when it was released. Imagine it: a wooden discus launched glider that could fly better than most vacuum bagged composite models of its time! Molded DLGs have taken over now, however few available planes can match the price of a true build-it-yourself traditional sailplane that just flies great.

J&H Aerospace is pleased to offer the Evo as part of our lineup in collaboration with Traian, but with a special twist. The new Evo Fire features an optional 24mm rocket motor mount in the fuselage which allows you to launch this model as high as 600 ft on Aerotech E6 engines.

Join the wood DLG revolution, build an Evo!

Our Evo E kit includes all the parts and hardware to get you flying. All you need is the following power and control system:

4 channel or greater receiver

1s 500-900mah lipo

2 wing servos, 9mm max thickness

2 servos for rudder and elevator, 5g-9g recommended

See it fly:

And Rocket Power!

Fuselage build video, Pt.1:

Fuselage build video, Pt.2:

Fuselage build video, Pt.3:

Wing, Part 1:

Wing, Part 2:

Full Playlist for Evo Fire Build:


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