Firefeather Rocket Glider/DLG/Hotliner

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Firefeather is a revolutionary new sailplane which combines all of your favorite high performance disciplines. With a carefully optimized layout and modern airfoils, Firefeather can fly as a DLG, a micro hotliner, and a rocket, all without changes in configuration. It its able to accommodate 18mm rocket motors up to D class, providing spectacular rocket powered thermal hunts, and it is sized for a powerful, lightweight electric power system which produces unlimited vertical climbs. When you’re out of rocket motors and want a quick visit to the flying field, Firefeather becomes a fantastic small DLG with all of the control features of a much larger model! It’s compact 30″ span allows you to take it almost anywhere. Looking for the craziest slope soarer ever? Firefeather has you covered there too with its extreme speed envelope and control authority, allowing excellent flight characteristics over a wide range of wind conditions.

Kit includes hand selected laser cut parts, wire linkages, fiberglass reinforcement, and microlite covering.

Recommended equipment for pure glider:

1s 300-350 mah lipo

3-4 channel micro receiver

3 3.7g servos

Required equipment for electric launch:

2s 300-350 lipo

3-4 channel micro receiver

10A esc

3 3.7g servos

1306-4000 or smaller motor

4.5×3 folding prop

Recommended rocket motors:

Estes C6-0, Aerotech C3.2 or D2.3 for rocket boost

Teaser: Firefeather’s first ever flying session

Build Part 1: Intro

Build Part 2: Wing

Build Part 3: Tail

Build Part 4: Fuselage

Build Part 5: Fuselage, cont’d

Build Part 6: Electronics install

2 reviews for Firefeather Rocket Glider/DLG/Hotliner

  1. Mark C Nye (verified owner)

    Tonight, for the first time since I have been building R/C, I terminated a partially completed build. The Firefeather would have been my 4th build from J&H. On the three previous builds, I found the build videos to be adequate but not great. On this build I completed the wing and tail sections with little problems but decided to pack it in during construction of the fuselage. The video for the fuselage is entirely inadequate. The camera is pointed at the worktable, but the model is very frequently lifted out of the camera view so much of the video is spent watching an empty table and trying to figure out what is going on off screen based upon Josh’s mumblings. I am an experienced builder, so I know I could have completed the model, but I was not enjoying trying to muddle through the build without adequate guidance. It is a shame, because this looks like a fun plane.

  2. Charles McGonegal (verified owner)

    I had really hoped for this to be a 4 star review.

    I’m a pretty decent [rocket] modeler, but a novice flyer. Not a complete beginner, but definitely have a great deal to learn. I really enjoyed building the Firefeather. Relying on youtube videos is a bit frustrating – but they are easy to rewind. The biggest problem I had with the videos is that they only show the hotliner setup. I would really like to see a version for what I wanted to build – the straight up rocket glider with balsa nose. -Especially- the center of gravity placement. So one star off for that. There were a couple little things that were off compared to the videos – the servos were slightly bigger, and the motor mount wasn’t really set for Aerotech reloads as described. Fixable, adjustable, forgivable.

    I ended up damaging my Firefeather during backyard testing of trim and balance to much to trust it to rocket power. I went about it like I would for non-RC rocket glider, and straight and level was easy. But it seemed nose heavy (little elevator response) and after a few bonks on the nose, I’d repaired/replaced the wing pin, the wing screw, then major fuselage fractures, and finally stabilizer cracks.

    Out of disappointment I didn’t get to fly it under rocket power, I’d give it 2 stars. But my own inexperience plays a roll. I’m sure an experienced flyer would have a better result. So 3 stars. And I hope to build another one someday – when I’ve gotten more flying experience.

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