Incentsitive – Limited Pennyplane



Specifications: 18″ span, 20″ long, 12″ propeller, airframe weight 3-4g, 3/32″ rubber power.

Contest wins:

2nd place, 2022 USIC/Nationals, Josh Finn

National Record, Youth Junior, Category IV F1M, Paul Finn, 7/1/2022, 8:30

National Record, Youth Junior, Category II, Caleb Finn, 10/23/2021, 5:55

Incentsitive is a low ceiling limited pennyplane based on Jim Clem’s 1988 Nationals winner which went on to set many Cat I and II records including Don DeLoach’s junior record which still stands. We have achieved Cat I times over 10 minutes with this novice-friendly model. If you’ve built a few simple models like the Pinna Flyer and Phantom Flash, this is your logical next step!

Tools/materials required: rubber lubricant (son of a gun works great), winder, needle nose pliers/wire cutters, CA glue (or Duco/Ambroid/Sigment), 3M-77 spray adhesive, vaseline, razor blades, sandpaper, ruler, scissors.

Optional: Torque meter, turns counter (, digital scale.

Flight demo:

Build, part 1: flying surfaces

Build, part 2: covering

Build, part 3: assembly

Build, part 4: propeller and flight prep

Build, part 5: flying


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