Mercury – short kit only



Albert Hatful’s beautiful Mercury rubber model was introduced by Worcraft at a time when customers wanted gas models. A few years later, the smaller Senator took the model airplane world by storm, leaving the Mercury lost to the sands of history. Those who have build the Mercury know that it flies every bit as well as the Senator, if not better!

Mercury has a 36″ flat wingspan, 168 sq in projected wing area, and uses a 13-14″ propeller. Our prototype flies on 20 strands of 1/8″ rubber, 30″ long. It can fly on as little as 12 strands for more a more sedate flying experience (20 strands provides and extremely powerful climb).

Our short kit for the Mercury includes all of the sheet balsa parts – ribs, hardpoints, nose block, wingtips, and even the uprights and cross pieces!

Plans are NOT included, but are purchased separately here.


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