Micro BOT V-tail




Dave Thornburg once built a V tail version of his famous Bird of Time, using inspiration from the Thermic sailplanes of the 30s and 40s. Ross Clements’ downscale maintains Dave’s outlines but substitutes completely new structure to make building this 48″ span sailplane a snap! Despite its diminutive size, this model preserves the incredible glide performance of the full scale original. Our Micro BOT  V-tail builds to about 90g as a pure high start glider and 100-130g as an electric launch sailplane with unlimited vertical climb performance.

Micro BOT V Tail Build Guide Rev2

Recommended equipment for pure glider:

1s 300-350 mah lipo

3-4 channel micro receiver

2 3.7g servos

Required equipment for electric launch:

2s 250, 300 or 350 lipo

3-4 channel micro receiver

6-10A esc

2 3.7g servos

1306-4000 or smaller motor

4.5×3 folding prop


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