Micro Hydrostar E-20/Capacitor



This 20″ span Hydrostar is a great flying replica of one of the most popular freeflight floatplanes ever. Despite its small size, this is a surprisingly high performance model, capable of a fantastic climb profile and thermal hunting glide. Water takeoffs are challenging, but absolutely fantastic when executed correctly. The included 0.6mil doculam seals up well so that less than perfect launches have minimal consequences and you can be back in action immediately. Mild power setup allows excellent performance with easy 90 second maxes in E20 configuration.

Power system is not included; you will need to select either a capacitor unit or an E-20 power system.

Hydrostar manual

Recommended E-20 power system:

8.5x20mm motor
1s 150-250 mah lipo
10-20 second timer
55-65mm propeller

Recommended Capacitor power system:

8.5x20mm motor
10F Supercapacitor
3-4. 5V charger
55-65mm propeller

OR use our capacitor power system!


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