Mini Pearl



1st Place, Junior 1/2A Gas, 2022 US Nationals

Bill Chenault’s small 1/2A gas model transformed power freeflight competition. It handles tremendous power, is easy and nomcritical to adjust, and features very simple construction.

Our laser cut kit makes it even easier to get into the air, with engraved fuselage sides and precut top and bottom decking. Model can easily be built for either glow or electric power.

Kit is supplied without covering; our best results have been achieved with older Monokote type films. Tissue over mylar is another good option.

Recommended power system for E36/Nostalgia:
2205 motor, 2500-3000 kv
APC E 6×6 propeller
2s 300mah lipo
20A ESC with BEC
BMK E36+ timer/RDT
3.7g or 2g DT servo


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