“Nat” catapult glider

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Specifications:  8″ span, 11.7″ long, airframe weight 4-8g.

This little 8″ span has proven extremely popular for build events like the US Nationals and Technology Student Association build clinics. You can put as much or as little into the construction process as desired–no sanding is required, but if you do sand in an airfoil, the model will respond with surprisingly good performance. The components all interlock to ensure quick and easy assembly.

Group pricing is available: 10 or more kits are $5/each, 30 or more are $4/each. Please contact us for direct invoicing for such orders.

NAT-glider-instructions rev2

NAT glider instructions

2 reviews for “Nat” catapult glider

  1. Ronnie Espolt

    At the 2022 Outdoor Free Flight Nationals we built about two dozen of these 8” catapult gliders. Kids built and and added personalized designs with Sharpie markers. Some adult supervision was needed with younger children. The next day we flew these as a group. Excitement grew as flights kept improving. Cash prize incentive brought out the friendly, but competitive sprit. The “NAT 8”catapult glider is an excellent family or group project.

  2. Ronnie Espolt

    Just had a combined effort with EAA/AMA/NFFS. We had a 8” catapult contest at Apple Valley Airport in California. After contest the contestants received rides with the EAA Young Eagles. A bonus that one free year membership in the AMA is included in the flight program. Nice partnership AMA/EAA. I will cover the cost of any of my students for NFFS if they will come fly a free flight contest. We will continue this event at other airports. Hope to see others jump in. We had excellent results with first time builder pilots. Even in winds of 10-15 mph. Longest flight was 45 seconds. We have seen longer in good calm air. Highly recommend the NAT as a group build of kids and families.

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