Polly C – tip launched glider



1st place 5×5 HLG, 2021 Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championship
2nd place, HLG, 2022 US Nationals
1st place, HLG, 2023 US Nationals
1st place, Team HLG, 2023 US Nationals (Josh Finn, Logan Jones, Steven Wrigley)

Polly C is a new take on the classic Polly by Carl Rambo, sized for tip launching (34.5″ span, 5″ chord) and reconfigured for modern dethermalizer systems. Although a viscous fluid timer is included, this model’s fuselage has space for a radio dethermalizer system.

We found the Polly C to be the easiest flying tip launch model we’ve ever tried, and it won its first contest, the 2021 Rocky Mountain 5×5, against 4 former national champions. Polly C’s contest performances have made it a feared competitor in modern hand launch competition!

The complete kit features all parts needed to complete the model in traditional DT mode. For RDT you will need an RDT system, 1.7-1.9g servo, 1s 100-150 mah lipo, and release arm. A tension spring is also recommended in lieu of a rubber band release band.

Polly C instructions

Flight trimming:

RDT setup:


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