Senior Flyer B/C 2024 – complies with Scioly “Flight” rules

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Extremely important: Flight rules require check-in boxes to be provided by the contestants. We sell kits for compliant boxes for Division B and Division C rules.

Senior Flyer is the easiest way to jump start your successful experience in Science Olympiad Flight! This kit is a simple, reliable design based on Josh Finn’s two decades of successful indoor endurance flying and easily builds to a competitive weight, with flights of nearly 2 minutes on stock rubber and propellers. The parts self-jig into place to provide rapid construction–no plans, pins, or building board are needed!

Two types of wing spars are included so you can maximize performance for Division B or C rules!

Senior Flyer 2024 build manual Rev 2

Senior Flyer B/C SO 2023 V1 Build Instructions

Includes parts/materials for two complete models, and Tan Supersport rubber.

Tools/materials required: rubber lubricant, winder, CA glue (or Duco/Ambroid/Sigment), 3M-77 spray adhesive, vaseline, razor blades, sandpaper, ruler, scissors. Don’t forget a check-in box for Division B or Division C!

Optional: Torque meter, turns counter (, scale, forceps.

Use 1/16″ Tan Supersport for power.

Flight Demo:

Build instructions:

Basic trimming notes: Don’t expect much of a climb until you’ve hit 800-900 turns. Full power is around 1200-1300 turns typically. Make sure the rubber is well lubricated with silicone oil and that you are stretching the rubber 2-3 times relaxed length, winding in half of the turns before working your way in. Shimming the back of the horizontal tail up away from the boom to adjust incidence is your best bet for pitch trim. You do typically need to slide the wing all the way forward against the nose bearing as well. Turn trim is obtained by bending the back of the tail fin, twisting the tailboom (model tends to turn to the high side of the horizontal tail), and twisting the propeller bearing to point the prop a few degrees to the left. Be sure to balance your propeller by gluing clay to the tip of the lighter blade until the propeller balances level.

Flying tutorial:

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3 reviews for Senior Flyer B/C 2024 – complies with Scioly “Flight” rules

  1. Bob Boberential McBoberson


  2. Sridhar- SO student

    Great! Easy to build and flies great!

  3. Dharmindar Mann

    It flies well, tho the turn radius is a bit high and needs to be adjusted by the builder. unless you have a really big flying space. Also didn’t fly as long as expected (kept nosediving or crashing) but that may be a user error.

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