Skeletor! unlimited racer




Skeletor is a 28 inch span extreme speed plane capable of over 200 mph with optimized power systems. It features a plywood clad wing which assembles on a cradle to provide accurate HD45 airfoil sections and warp-free construction. The spacious fuselage has room for up to a 6s 2500 with room to spare, plus enough space behind the battery compartment for an external BEC and receiver battery. Up front, the nose gives cooling space and room for a large ESC (high voltage 100A+ escs have lots of breathing room in there).

The reduced ailerons prevent flutter even at the wildest of speeds but still provide plenty of authority to roll as fast as you will ever desire.

Recommended control system:

-8mm thick wing servos (BA-8-1, Corona 9mm, or KST X08)
Corona metal gear elevator servo or equivalent
4 channel full range rx
-5A BEC powered by 2s350mah lipo (recommended for high power setup)

Recommended sport power:

2826-2200 kv motor or equivalent
40A esc
APC 5.25×6.25 prop
-4s 1200-2200mah lipo

Ultimate speed power:

-Brotherhobby 3115-1200 or equivalent
-80A esc rated for selected battery (APD 80F3 or X-Cross 80HV)
-6s 1200-1800mah flight battery
-APC 7×7 or 7×10 prop

Flight demo:

Build, part 1:

Build, part 2:

Build, part 3:

Build, part 4:


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