Sky Slash II Boost/Glider (full size)




One of the earliest published front-engine boost/gliders, the Sky Slash II introduced the first generation of model rocketeers to the excitement of rocket powered airplanes. Our own Josh Finn’s first encounter with powered model airplanes was a 50% scale version of this innovative rocket.

The sleek, speedy lines of this model inspire, and its low weight and large wing area provide and excellent floating glide. With careful trimming, our SSII will provide straight, reliable boosts even on tiny 1/2A rocket motors. The motor mount is designed for Estes 18mm rocket motors as per the original. Please bear in mind that as an engine-ejecting design, it is not eligible for current NAR Boost/Glider competitions.

This is an open-source model like our popular One Sheet Glider; you may build the model from our free plans and use our build resources or purchase this laser cut kit. Our goal is for you to experience the thrill of rocket powered soaring regardless of what resources or building style you prefer.

Flight demo:

Build tutorial:

Trimming/Flying tutorial: