Sunstreak 1/2A



1st place, 1/2A E Nostalgia, 2021 US Nationals
2nd place, E36, 2021 US Nationals
1st place, E Nostalgia, 2021 Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championship
1st and 2nd place, 1/2A E Nostalgia, 2022 US Nationals – Hope Finn, Jim Jennings
3rd place, E36, 2022 US Nationals, Hope Finn

1st place, 1/2A E Nostalgia, 2023 US Nationals, Bob Sowder

USA Junior Records, Electric A, B, E36, 9/11/22, Caleb Finn

Sunstreak is Brian Faulkner’s definitive Nostalgia era power model (published in 1956), featuring a thin, undercambered wing with full geodetic construction, rear fin, long tail moment, and moderate stab area. It is perhaps the ultimate Nostalgia design for 1/2A competition. At 36″ flat span and 173 sq in wing area, it is comfortably legal for AMA E-36 and F1S and is light and strong enough to handle the necessary ballistic climbs required. Our prototype uses a red hot E36 power system and weighs only 145g.

Our Sunstreak kit includes all parts and materials for both glow and electric flight, doculam covering, and detailed full sized plans. The geodetic construction requires a little creativity and extra sanding for a good parts fit, however the overall design is very forgiving of mistakes due to the rigid structure. Trimming is pretty simple thanks to the very conservative dihedral and proportions.

Recommended power system for E36/Nostalgia:
2205 motor, 2500-3000 kv
APC E 6×6 propeller
2s 300mah lipo
20A ESC with BEC
BMK E36+ timer/RDT
3.7g or 2g DT servo

Absolutely scorching climbs with bored-venturi Cox Medallion or Mattes-modified OK Cub .049X!


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