Super Carbonette 8

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now shipping with tapered carbon fuselages!

Super Carbonette 8 is the latest installment in Joshua Finn’s highly successful Carbonette glider series. Josh’s prototype flies over 70 seconds in dead air! It is incredibly easy to trim for good flights and floats like a much larger model thanks to the big wing and stab. The low aspect ratio wing’s design prevents severe tip losses typical on short wing models. These are perfect for the annual 8 inch glider postal contests hosted by and local small field competitions. You might want to order more than one–they thermal out of sight quickly!

Your kit will include hand selected balsa, plywood hook and grip, and an AMA-specification catapult.

Please note that this model uses very thin balsa and an advanced construction technique for the wing construction. If you have not built a free flight glider before, please consider purchasing an Aleda first to get you feet wet so you can get the most from your Carbonette 8.

Flight demo:

Build video:

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  1. Henry Forster

    I think Josh says it best: “This thing is some serious business!” It is. I built it in just over a morning and the test glides are awesome. It’s got lots of wing area so expect a thermal to lift it to space. You should get one =D

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