Super Protege – legal for Elastic Launched Glider (2020-2021 Division B)



The famous Super Protege has been updated for use in the 2021 Science Olympiad Elastic Launched Glider contest season. This model is fully optimized to produce excellent performance while complying with the 2020-2021 Division B rules.

The wings use precision cut XPS styrofoam which is extremely rigid and lightweight, but can easily be formed to the desired camber. The wing outline has been modified to further improve transition from climb to glide while maximizing aerodynamic efficiency. The lighter flying surfaces allow a further extended fuselage for improved pitch stability and even snappier transitions. A reliable removable wing option makes transportation via air travel much easier.

This kit is capable of 30 second flights in a typical gymnasium.

Warning: the foam in this model is NOT safe for use with standard super glues. You MUST use foam safe CA and accelerator in the assembly of this model, such as Bob Smith, Mercury, or Zap. STANDARD CA GLUES WILL MELT THE FOAM!

Kit includes catapult and enough parts to build three gliders.

Please note we have added detailed textual instructions on flight trimming these models on our SO Resources post.

Can’t wait for the kit to arrive? Build your own from our plans!

Don’t forget a launcher! Or get the ultimate launcher!

Build lighter and stronger with hollow tapered fuselages!

Laser cut sanding blocks for easier finishing!

1mm XPS foam sheet for making flaps and tails!

Super Protégé is NOT legal for AMA Standard Catapult Glider.

Flight Demo:

Build instructions:

2020 Super Protege build instructions for reference and legacy kits:

Trimming instructions:


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