Yo Ho – 1/2A Nostalgia Gas



Yo Ho is a very simple, lightly built 1/2A model published in 1955 by Andrew Phillips. It has been selected for the 2023 NFFS One Design power event. Our kit can also be built as an electric for E36 and E-Nostalgia.

This is an easy building model which makes a nice entry for Early 1/2A Nostalgia Gas, and it builds under 6 oz quite easily. The wing does require special attention and must be covered in a material that provides torsional rigidity such as tissue or polyspan. We highly recommend tissue over mylar as a reliable, warp-resistant covering which will keep your model light and strong.

Kit includes all laser cut parts, engine hardpoints, fuse DT hardware, tissue covering, and full size CAD plans.

Recommended power system for E36/Nostalgia:
2205 motor, 2500-3000 kv
APC E 6×6 propeller
2s 300mah lipo
20A ESC with BEC
BMK E36+ timer/RDT
3.7g or 2g DT servo

Flying the Yo Ho:



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