Aleda-R Boost/Glider

Aleda-R Boost/Glider



Product Description

The Aleda-R is our popular Aleda glider redesigned for rocket launching. Using free flight stability techniques, Josh and Hope have created an easy to build glider which launches straight and provides a reliable transition into a thermal hunting glide. The booster pod recovers using a traditional streamer for safe, snag free recovery.

This model is capable of 60 second flights on 13 mm A engines without even sanding an airfoil into the wings. Just sand the edges round and go have fun, or if you want ultimate performance, sand in a Stanfoil section and let the soaring begin.

Aleda-R features an 8″ wingspan and can launch on Estes 1/2A3-2T, A3-2T, and A10-3T rocket motors or European equivalents with shims to accommodate 10mm rocket motors.

You will need an Estes style launch pad and controller.

See the flat plate winged Aleda flying:

And here is the build video you will use to guide your construction:


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