Switchblade XP Rocket Glider Kit

Switchblade XP Rocket Glider Kit

Switchblade XP Rocket Glider Kit


The world’s very first production micro-r/c rocket glider! This model represents an enlargement of the successful Switchblade S, but introduces the thrill of radio control. One of the easiest r/c rockets to fly—it launches completely hands-off. You only need to take over after the wings deploy. Like its free-flight sibling, this model does not require you to sand in any airfoils to achieve precision shapes, although those features will provide a measurable performance increase.

Kit includes:

– Hand selected contest grade balsa
– Formed wire components
– All hardware for mechanisms and control linkages
– Detailed instruction manual

Required for completion:

– Basic assembly tools such as hobby knife, CA glue, and sand paper
– Two channel or greater DSM2/DSMX compatible radio transmitter
– Hobbyking Supermicro DSM2 receiver brick, Spektrum 4 channel receiver brick, or Parkzone Vapor receiver brick
– 35-70 mah 1s lipo (Flyzone’s 35 mah Inum pack recommended)
– Estes A10-3T engines
– Launch pad and controller

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