New Indoor Models!

Josh Finn has built several new models this fall building on the findings of the 2017 contest season. Additionally he has designed two new hubs which are now available for sale, the F1D v3.0 and its beefy sibling, the Unlimited v3.0 which is the result of his efforts to build a practical FAI Unlimited class model. Josh’s first Unlimited was built in January 2015 and has won Hand Launched Stick at USIC for two years running, this year posting an authoritative 31 minute flight.

After the Nats, Josh upgraded this 29″ span model to a massive 42″ and over 350 sq in of wing area. At just over 2g its wingloading is on part with most of the record setting models made famous by Jim Richmond and others. It is more heavily loaded, however, than John Kagan’s and Steve Brown’s 60 minute models. Josh’s new hub is the heart of the 25.5″ prop used on this model, one of the largest indoor VP props ever built.

Josh also built a new F1R, this time enlarging the wing to almost ridiculous proportions, and was rewarded with a flight of 24 minutes from only 10′ off the floor at its very first flying session. A month later it achieved an unprecedented 28:05 at St. Luke’s for a new Cat I USA record. Our popular F1R v2.0 hub provided superb energy management on this flight.

You can find plans for Josh’s record breaking F1R at INAV.

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