Carbonette High Ceiling Elastic Launched Glider 2020 (3 pack)

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Build 3 gliders from this kit!

Carbonette ELG is a variant of our popular outdoor glider adapted to meet the 2019/2020 Science Olympiad Elastic Launched Glider rules and fly in high Cat II and Cat III AMA contests. This is a light, clean airplane designed to reach the higher ceilings where some contests will be held (up to 80′ ceilings) which the Protégé cannot achieve.

This is NOT a low ceiling glider and cannot perform at the Protégé’s level in sub-35′ ceilings. It is not capable of being built to the 3 minimum weight, so if you are flying in typical gymnasiums, you should buy the Protégé instead.

Don’t forget a launcher! Or get the ultimate launcher!

Flight demo:

Build video:

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3 reviews for Carbonette High Ceiling Elastic Launched Glider 2020 (3 pack)

  1. Andrew Scott Beery (verified owner)

    I bought the 3 pack, mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve done any type of aeromodeling, plus then I get extra pieces. Also, I found out that my modeling skills were a little rusty, but this kit is fairly straightforward to build. I am finding the trimming to be a little more of a challenge, but your videos definitely help, not only with the trimming but the build as well. I built two of the 3 already….I realized there were a few small errors that I made building the first one that I figured out and fixed during the building of the second one. The second one I made flew great after I played with the launch angle and pitch, then I shredded the stabilizer on the back of my hand on one launch, so I have to come up with a fix for that. I DO plan on ordering another kit in the near future.

  2. Jonathan Kim

    It is usually heavier than the protege’s, but it’s good overall. This is excellent glider to start with.

  3. Spear (verified owner)

    I bought the 3 pack. They all fly very well. One of the gliders was completed with only ~6 gram, which flew like a charm. I lost this one in the thermal in an early morning (~ 8am, only very very light breeze). The other two gliders weight about ~ 8 gram. They flew well, but definitely not as graceful as the one that is gone. In short, this is an excellent kit with high quality materials.

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