Protege 2021 Elastic Launched Glider



The Protege, which has dominated participation in Science Olympiad Elastic Launched Glider events for the past two years, has been updated for the 2021 contest season. This new model is designed with beginners in mind, combining excellent performance with ease of construction and trimming while still complying with the 2020-2021 Division B rules.

The wings use precision cut XPS styrofoam which is extremely rigid and lightweight, but can easily be warped and bent for proper trimming. The wing outline has been modified to improve structural strength. The lighter flying surfaces allow a further extended fuselage for improved pitch stability and even snappier transitions. Please note that this is not a flapped glider; we have moved away from flaps on the standard protege to make it more friendly for beginners.

This kit is capable of 25 second flights in a typical gymnasium.

Warning: the foam in this model is NOT safe for use with standard super glues. You MUST use foam safe CA and accelerator in the assembly of this model, such as Bob Smith, Mercury, or Zap. STANDARD CA GLUES WILL MELT THE FOAM!

This kit builds 3 complete gliders which are compatible with all J&H Aerospace launchers and all other currently available brands of launchers.

Build instructions:

Flying instructions:


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