Carbonette 19 Micro R/C DLG – Glider Only


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Want a more durable micro DLG? Want one that flies better than anything else in its class? The Carbonette 19 fits the bill!

At 19″ span it is the world’s smallest production R/C DLG, and it is designed specifically for the Parkzone UMX brick in your crashed Champ or Whipit.

Follow our comprehensive video tutorial to produce your own DLG at an affordable price.

Carbonette 19 is not a beginner’s build – you will need to bend small wire pushrods and shape an airfoil into 1/4″ balsa wing blanks. It is, however, a forgiving build and produces performance available nowhere else.

Please note this is the glider-only version; however, if you wish to upgrade later, the pod is available separately.

Kit includes:

– Hand selected contest grade balsa
– All hardware for mechanisms and control linkages
– Pultruded carbon boom

Required for completion:

– Basic assembly tools such as hobby knife, CA glue, and sand paper
– Two channel or greater DSM2/DSMX compatible radio transmitter
– Spektrum 4 channel receiver brick, or Parkzone Vapor receiver brick
– 70-150 mah 1s lipo with E-flite UMX connector

See it fly:

Glider build video:




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