Fliplock F V2 Rocket Glider

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Fliplock F  v.2 is the current NAR record holder for F Rocket Glider, revised from the earlier v.1 to allow for more engine choices and much higher launch altitudes. It is truly massive at 40″ wingspan and 18 oz liftoff weight. This is a surprisingly easy airplane to fly and it is a serious contest threat wherever you take it thanks to roughly 250 sq in of wing area.

This is very much an expert level builder’s kit. You will have to plan ahead and make some construction decisions yourself.

Recommended engines: Estes E16-4, F15-4, or Apogee F10-4.

We mark this kit as back ordered because it is a special order item. Please allow 1 month from the time of processing your order for us to gather the necessary materials for your kit.

Flight demo/record flight, v.1 version:

1 review for Fliplock F V2 Rocket Glider

  1. john Eric Thompson

    That is so awesome. I definitley want one of the Fliplock F Gliders!

    Way to go;-)

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