Swingshot C R/C Rocket Glider




Swingshot is the ultimate micro-R/C rocket glider. Based on Bill Henderson’s classic Hot Turkey, it combines a reliable hinged-wing single pivot design with a modern release trigger and easy to use micro-R/C technology. Swingshot is the easiest to fly R/C glider you’ve ever experienced but still launches like a laser beam on everything from A-C 18mm rocket motors.

Recommended Rocket Motors: Estes A8-3, B6-2, B4-2, C6-3

Warning: we do not recommend C engines of any manufacturer for Swingshot kits sold prior to 25 April 2019

Requires a DSM2/DSMX control brick from Horizon Hobby/Spektrum/Parkzone and a 1s 70-150 mah lipo.

Flight demo:

Build video:






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