Fractal – <250g Mini Plank


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Fractal is a sub-250g plank suitable for sport flying and FPV. It builds quickly and features an strong, reliable construction. With space from up to a 3s 1300 mah lipo plus accessories, it can carry all the stuff you need. Even with all that battery loaded in, it still has unlimited vertical climb performance on tiny 1306 sized motors.

Requires two micro servos (4g or less), 1306 up to 2205 motor and suitable esc, APC 4.1×4.1 – 5×5 prop, micro receiver, and 3s 500-1300 lipo (4s setups are also possible but require extra attention in holding the wing down).

18″ wing span

Flight demo:

Build instructions, part 1:

Build instructions, part 2:

Build instructions, part 3:

Build instructions, part 4:


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