“Good Boy” beginner’s rubber model


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This 45cm wingspan, 45cm long model flies quite well right out of the box with no modifications and requires no glue to assemble. Generous prop helps with strong flying performance. The stock rubber delivers flights in the 45 second range, however a loop of 1/8″ Supersport rubber will deliver substantially longer flights. These models do glide well enough to be lost in thermal updrafts, so be prepared to lose them!

Available with smaller propeller upon request to comply with Science Olympiad “Aerial Scramble” rules.

Please note that as a very low cost kit, this airplane is subject to quality control issues related to dents and scratches in the foam as well as mold flashing on the plastic parts. While our testing has shown no negative impact in flight performance from these issues, they do impact the appearance of the kit. We cannot replace the dented parts because the manufacturer does not package the parts in a way that prevents such damage to the majority of the kits.