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The J&H Aerospace team are pleased to announce the release of the most advanced ready to fly rubber powered airplane ever produced, the Sky Voyager Model B. This is a state of the art 25.5 in. span (65cm) rubber powered model originally designed for small field contest flying in China, but we have succeeded in importing this model to the US (and we can ship it outside the US, too!).

This is not a plastic toy airplane. It is a carefully designed soaring machine with a working folding propeller, reverse Montreal locking hub, molded-in wing turbulator, and fittings for a dethermalizer. We have had multiple 60+ second flights in calm evening air just on hand winds. Flight times over 2 minutes are possible with careful trimming and winding.

The box includes a complete airplane. You only need to supply some foam safe CA or Uhu-Por to permanently fasten the tail mounts and a piece of packing tape to join the wings and attach the carbon wing spar. The complete assembly only takes about 20 minutes.

Quality replacement rubber is also available; this will greatly increase your flight times!

Dethermalizer dampers are also available!

Lubricate your rubber with a  silicone oil like Dow Corning 33 (US customers) or Wickes Silicone lubricant (UK customers). Other silicone based lubricants are available internationally, just make sure to avoid petroleum based lubricants such as WD-30, 3 in 1 Oil, etc.

Stretch winding with a winder will increase your flight times and reduce time spent winding your plane.

We also have a smaller version of this airplane!

English assembly instructions for P1B-1

Flight demo:

Complete build video:

Installing a dethermalizer:

Trimming instructions:

7 reviews for P1B-1 Sky Voyager Model B

  1. Henry Forster

    Y’all better get a dethermalizer on this thing! The assembly goes together quickly and the kit shipped fast too. I was at the control line park with my friend one day. He had a drone and was messing around whilst I flew my plane. I made the mistake of choosing a mildly windy day and flying over hot pavement. Up it went, like a foam glider over a stove’s hot coils. Yeah it pretty much flew OOS from a group of trees and all I can assume is that the river, which caused a sinking column of cooler air, pulled it down and swept it away =(

  2. Greg Goodwin (verified owner)

    What a great plane to get into free flight with. Was out flying the other day on a dreary morning and almost lost it 2 times. It would climb under power for 20-30 seconds and then just circle in light lift for 2-3 minutes and finally stall out of the lift and come back down. Really exciting flights. Time to make a dethermalizer for it. You cannot have more fun for $25.

  3. thomas m korn (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen an outdoor rubber plane fly like this. After I trimmed it, it flew away on only 300 winds. It went over some trees and a canal, then hit a tree and fell in the thickest mess of blackberries ever! Fantastic, I just received a new one today, and I’m thinking about using the controls from a Whip It to keep it near.

  4. Mitch Vann (verified owner)

    Converted to rc and 6 loops of rubber. Man this is a fun and cheap way to get some flying time in.Now im having to make another one for my grandson he’s having a fit to start flying ????

  5. Mitch Vann (verified owner)

    Converted this to rc and 6 loops of rubber. This is about the most fun you can have with no power other than a 150 mah battery for the receiver. Caught a thermal on the third flight and kinda got worried about losing it even with the radio working. Now my grandson wants one to he’s 7 years old but he has mastered rc cars so i think this plane would be perfect for him to learn to fly on .im working on a kit bashing version now .great plane for simple flying

  6. Henry Coffey (verified owner)

    Awesome plane and easy assembly. Finally got out to the RC field and had some great flights. On 4 strands (2×2) of 1/8” tan rubber is was a gentle lowers level Flyer. On 8 and then 6 strands of 1/8” and ~ 750 turns the flying was awesome: high, multiple circles, and an exciting glide.

  7. Kip (verified owner)

    These planes are amazing. Ive had a couple for a year or two. One converted to rc with a geared prop. I was out this morning with the rubber powered plane. Did a couple of test glides and adjusted the wing position. Sent it up with only 500 turns. it hit lift and just kept going. By the time i realized it was not only still going up (the prop had stopped turning), i also noted it was moving with a slight prevailing easterly. I started running but the p1b-1 had made it over two tree lines and i never saw it again. Hoping one of the neighbors finds it.
    This is an amazing plane. Get a couple.

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