Hornet B 2023/4 Short Kit and Plans




If you discovered this product via web search, DO NOT order it! This is a specialized device and we WILL NOT offer product support for it. You will be held accountable for having read this description if you issue complaints about being unsuccessful in building this airplane!

Congratulations on getting the link to the Hornet B kit. This is for Scioly 2023/2024 DIVISION B ONLY. Do NOT order this kit for Division C!!!

Please bear in mind the Hornet is ONLY a short kit (wood parts only) and the plans include no notes of any kind. You must order 0.030″ (0.8mm) carbon rods (get them from cstsales.com or Good Winds Composites because ours are not stiff enough and the model will not recover from turbulence or ceiling hits if you use my standard carbon) separately. You can order everything except the carbon rods off my website separately. To complete your Hornet, you will need:

1.4um mylar
Pennyplane bearing
0.020″ propeller shaft
Teflon washers
Dental bands

The assembly process is identical to the Stinger except for the wingtips which use carbon trailing edges (templates are supplied in the plans) and are covered with mylar.

Photos are shown below for reference: