K777 Ministick – Pro series indoor free flight kit

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Wingspan: 7″
Length: 10″
Propeller: 6.5″
Airframe weight: 0.4-0.7g
Power: loop of 0.030″ rubber

The J&H Aerospace K777 is a competition-ready kit adapted to fly well in a variety of indoor flying sites. This aircraft is a modification of Joe Krush’s classic design with minor modifications as suggested by Walt Van Gorder and Nick Ray, we have brought together a kit capable of the highest levels of performance. The prototype built by Steven Wrigley built out under 500 mg and was maidened at West Baden for a best time of over 8 minutes with less than 10 trimming flights under its belt.

This is the finest kit ever offered for the AMA Ministick contest category, featuring the finest hand selected wood, assembly jigs, and lightweight plastic covering film. Built with care it is capable of challenging the highest levels of competition.

Includes materials sufficient to build three models; includes prestripped Tan Supersport rubber.

Tools/materials required: rubber lubricant (son of a gun works great), winder, needle nose pliers/wire cutters, CA glue (or Duco/Ambroid/Sigment), 3M-77 spray adhesive, vaseline, razor blades, sandpaper, ruler, scissors.

Optional: Torque meter, turns counter (volareproducts.com), digital milligram scale.

Flight demo:

Part 1: intro and jigs:

Part 2: propeller

Part 3: wings and tail

Part 4: covering

Part 5: assembly and flying

1 review for K777 Ministick – Pro series indoor free flight kit

  1. Henry Forster

    Bring this plane to a competition and you will probably win. I made one and it flies incredibly well! Super slow flying and yet it’s sturdy enough to be tossed around pretty good. Now I’m building another, and this time I’m going full nuclear weight-savings on it. Sanding corners round, taking off hard edges, all the while using as little glue as possible. So far it’s successful!

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