Phantom Flash – short kit with plans



The Comet “Phantom Flash” is an enduring 1930’s stick and tissue model designed by the legendary Joe Konefes. Josh Finn almost always recommends this design to those wishing to try their hand at rubber powered free flight.

Many FAC fliers have commented on Hope Finn’s highly successful 2.7g Phantom Flash. Now, you can purchase a kit with the super light balsa necessary to reach this low weight. Just add 1/16″ balsa spars, heavily scraped Peck 6″ prop, thin piano wire, 1/16″ aluminum tubing, and Gampi tissue.

Please note, if you are ordering this kit as a beginner, please add a note in the comments section so that we can choose slightly heavier grade balsa suitable for outdoor flying.

Required materials for completion: Esaki or Gampi tissue covering, 3/32″ or thinner rubber, Peck 6″ prop, aluminum tubing for bearings, thin piano wire (0.015″ is preferable), 1/16″x1/16″ balsa for wing spars, and pliers for bending wire parts.

For bare minimum weight, scrape your prop to no more than 1.1g, use 0.028″ cf tubing for the axles and bearings (and bush the prop with aluminum or carbon tubing), a teflon prop washer, and use 0.012″ piano wire for the wire components. A piece of 0.020″ rubber can be used to hold the wing in place. Use 3M Super 77 adhesive to attach the covering.

Doyle Blevins reviews the short kit:

Build, Pt.1

Build, Pt.2

Build, Pt.3



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