Mini Deamon – <250g Pylon/Speed Racer

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Mini Deamon is the fastest balsa plane you’ve ever seen that is under 250g. With a 4s 650mah battery, speeds of 140 mph are possible. Mini Deamon has about the highest speed to dollar ratio of any airplane ever created. Join the speed club!

With the recommended wing finishing methods, this model has no bad habits; it won’t tip stall and has very reasonable torque response for such a small, high powered model. Landing speeds are shockingly low for such a high powered airplane

Recommended controls and power:

2207-2600 or equivalent motor
3s-4s 650 mah lipo
3 Emax 9105 or equivalent 3.7g servos
4 channel micro rx
30A esc
APC 4.75×5.5 prop

Please note that current production Mini Deamons have been widened to accommodate two 3s 450 mah lipos in series for 6s operation. Safe operation at this power level requires glassing the fuselage back to the aft wing mount after permanently the firewall to the fuselage. An APD 40F3 esc loaded with airplane firmware and a 6s capable BEC is necessary. The ailerons may also require glassing to avoid flutter, and a support will be needed to keep the elevator pushrod from buckling under load.

Flight Demo:

Use the build videos for the Micro Deamon:

Build, Pt.1

Build, Pt.2


2 reviews for Mini Deamon – <250g Pylon/Speed Racer

  1. Jason D Stewart (verified owner)

    i made a few silly mistakes on the build, nothing that affected anything. I 3D printed my own motor mount, and came in with AUW at 150g. used a emax 1806 w 5×5 prop, 12A esc, and 3S-370mah. i had to add weight to the nose to balance. 5 min flights are possible. Ecalc puts the speed at 82mph which seems just about right. plane flies like it’s on rails and will do whatever you ask. also love that other than the “whooossshhhh” it makes as it goes by, it is almost silent. it does get small fast and not recommended for a novice pilot. me personally, i can’t wait to build the micro!

  2. Kenny (verified owner)

    I’ve built this plane and the micro demon, and I gotta say that this is the best flying and easy building plane. Plenty of room for beefy electronics to get that insane speed. Definitely for a strong intermediate with sharp vision. Also, the simple design makes it fairly easy to repair after a rough landing. Good job to you for designing an amazing aircraft!

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