Speedcat 250


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Speedcat 250 is an easy to build mini pylon racer and all around hot rod suitable for intermediate pilots. It has a very wide envelope and exceptionally good handling characteristics. A wide range of power systems will work, anything from 2s to 4s batteries and most any mini quad/drone motor will work. Speeds up to 120 mph are possible with minimal effort, however the model can be slowed down to a crawl if you prefer.

Self jigging construction ensures a quick, satisfying build that is surprisingly forgiving of construction imperfections.

Speedcat 250 build manual

Recommended equipment:

2s 450mah – 3s 450-650mah lipo

3-4 channel micro receiver

6-30A esc

3 3.7g servos

15072205 motor, 2000-3500kv

4.1×4.1 – 5×5 APC prop


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