Starstreak 200 – E36/F1S



Contest wins:
1st Place, 2023 USA Nationals, Open E36, Josh Finn
1st Place, 2023 USA Nationals, Junior E36, Caleb Finn

1st Place, 2023 Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championship, Junior E36, Caleb Finn

1st Place, 2024 King Orange International, Open E36, Caleb Finn

Starstreak is one of the fastest and strongest E36 kits ever created, and it refuses any compromise in glide performance. With our maximum performance power train it is able to achieve staggering 100m+ climbs on the 5 second flying runs. We have seen dead air maxes on as little as a 2.5 second climb!

Starstreak is straightforward to build and easy to trim. With a BMK E36+ timer you have full control off the flight profile, and the wing is able to withstand full speed DT operation.

Want to go really fast? This is one of the few E36 kits that can handle the Brotherhobby 3400kv super motors!

Recommended power system for basic  E36:
2205 motor, 2500-3500 kv
APC E 6×6 propeller
2s 300mah lipo
20A ESC with BEC
BMK E36+ timer/RDT
3.7g or 2g DT servo