Stinger B/C 2024 – complies with Scioly “Flight” rules

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Extremely important: Flight rules require check-in boxes to be provided by the contestants. We sell kits for compliant boxes for Division B and Division C rules.

Stinger is our state of the art Flight (formerly Wright Stuff) airplane, capable of 3 minutes on the supplied rubber. It is beautiful in the air and features slow, graceful flights. This kit is able to comply with either Division B or Division C rules depending on which fuselage you use (two of each are included) and which wing you build (two templates are included).

The carbon and balsa wing mounts to a simple saddle which holds reliable adjustments via shims so that you can quickly assemble the model from a storage box and expect the same flight trim every time. This model breaks down for storage, making it easily transported in regulation size airline carry-on boxes.

This model features extensive, fragile structure which requires careful building to meet the minimum weight requirements. Make sure you are ready to build precisely and lightly before ordering this airplane. If you are new to Flight, consider our popular Senior Flyer as a robust alternative which uses heavier wood and simpler structure to make it easier to learn to build and fly.

The kit includes jigs and materials for two airplanes.

Stinger 2024 BC Manual Rev2

Stinger 2023 B/C Instruction Manual

Tools/materials required: rubber lubricant, winder, CA glue (or Duco/Ambroid/Sigment), 3M-77 spray adhesive, vaseline, razor blades, sandpaper, ruler, scissors. Don’t forget a check-in box for Division B or Division C!

Optional: Torque meter, turns counter (, scale, forceps

Recommended replacement rubber is 0.085″ rubber strip. Heavier builds may require 3/32″ rubber.

Flight Demo:

Build instructions:

Basic trimming notes: Don’t expect much of a climb until you’ve hit 700-800 turns. Full power is around 1200-1300 turns typically. Make sure the rubber is well lubricated with silicone oil and that you are stretching the rubber 2-3 times relaxed length, winding in half of the turns before working your way in. Shimming to adjust incidence is your best bet for pitch trim. You do typically need to slide the wing surprisingly far forward as well. Turn trim is obtained by bending the rudder tabs in the tail fins, twisting the tailboom (model tends to turn to the high side of the horizontal tail), and twisting the propeller bearing to point the prop a few degrees to the left.

Flying tutorial:

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4 reviews for Stinger B/C 2024 – complies with Scioly “Flight” rules

  1. SS

    Amazing and simple kit to build

  2. ABC

    too expensive

  3. Jose

    Haven’t bought it or anything, but it looks cool! Five Stars!

  4. KK

    An excellent kit and we really appreciated the video instructions! We followed the directions and then explored more of your videos on trimming and ended up taking first place in our state SO Flight competition! Thank you for providing such excellent resources and instruction so we could not only build a solid plane but, more importantly, understand what we were doing and why.

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