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From its humble beginning as a tiny club glider in 1956, the Sweepette gave birth to a legendary series of gliders which went on to set records in every category of indoor flying as well as multitudes of outdoor contest wins. When tip launching methods (discus launch for the R/C crowd) took over in the 21st century, Lee Hines was quick to adapt his Sweepette design to the latest technology. The ultimate iteration of Lee’s timeless series of classics is the Sweepette 30, a glider sized just right to be useful to fliers of all ages. J&H Aerospace is pleased to bring you a kit for this incredible machine which is easily adapted to the Sweepette 28 configuration for AMA indoor hand launched glider rules.

Whether you’re chasing the Cat III record in Round Valley Dome or just looking to enjoy the purest form of flying on a quiet evening in a park, the Sweepette 28/30 is the ultimate choice!

Our kit is built to Lee’s specifications based on numerous discussions with him about the best way to introduce this aircraft to large scale production. All parts are laser cut and ready for assembly. The contest grade wing and tail blanks are specifically vetted for reliable usage under the rigors of outdoor flying, and all necessary hardware is included for a modern dethermalizer system with the included viscous damper timer. Blind nuts, bolts, and shields are also included should you desire to build your Sweepette with a removable wing for airline travel.

You can also build your Sweepette 28 or Sweepette 30 from scratch using Bruce Kimball’s plans!

Flight Demo:

Build, Pt. 1: Shaping the wing

Build, Pt. 2: Tail surfaces, dihedral, and sealing

Build, Pt 3: Fuselage and final assembly

Trimming instructions:

1 review for Sweepette 28/30

  1. Mitch Gilmore (verified owner)

    A beautiful, well thought out kit that came with really nice wood! I really appreciate the build videos and how Josh was so helpful both on the phone and chat! My Sweepette 30 came out to 54gr. RTF. She flies AMAZINGLY well too! I liked it so much that I bought another just to have. It’s so beautiful watching it soaring along and then reacting to each little bubble of lift. Highly recommend!!!!!!
    Thanks J&H Aerospace!

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