Tornado – Legal for 2021 Science Olympiad Helicopter Rules



We currently have no information on what 2024-25 SO helicopters rules will be, however the small size of this helicopter should ensure that it is legal for competition. We are still shipping kits for those who wish to begin practicing early for the next SO competition season.

Tornado is a high performance helicopter which complies with the provisional Science Olympiad Helicopter rules for the 2021 season. It builds to a rotor diameter of 20cm and is light enough to use a small amount of ballast for tuning while still easily staying right at the 2.5g minimum weight. Includes parts for 2 complete helicopters, Tan Supersport rubber, and a set of rotor pitch gages. In a typical living room this model can fly for over 90 seconds.

Tornado 2021 Build Guide V1

Build instructions:


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