Wild Wang 600




You thought the Wild Wang 250 was fun? Hold onto your hat, we have a big one! Wild Wang 600 is a crazy delta of 36″ span designed for 28-36mm electric motors and larger, or even up to .40 sized glow engines! With a ballistic roll rate and the ability to do very small loops at full speed, it can perform most any elevon maneuver you can think of, but it excellent overall handling, and of course you can dial back those pitch and roll rates if you want to just cruise around.

Not a beginner’s airplane by any means, but very approachable for the novice, this one is fun in any flying conditions. Self jigging laser cut construction ensures an easy, quick build and reliable performance.

Wild Wang 600 kit contents

Wild Wang 600 build guide Rev1 2023-4-20

Recommended electric equipment:

3s-4s 2500-3500mah lipo

3-4 channel receiver

30-50A esc

2 metal gear servos, at least 9g size

28mm-36mm motor, 1000-2000kv

Appropriate APC prop in the 6-10″ diameter range

Glow engines .25-.40 cu in capacity

Wild Wing 250 flight demo: