Windlance D-engine Boost/Glider

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Windlance is a high performance boost glider for Estes 24mm rocket motors. It is quite simply the best aircraft in its class currently on the market, capable of nearly 3 minutes in dead air without using a launch piston. Capable of using Estes C11-3 engines for small field test flying, or even Estes E9 series engines for the truly brave among us!

Windlance is durable and won’t shred on D12 series engines. Time consuming techniques like tissuing the wings are not required. Just sand the parts and glue it together. It’s easy to trim!

J&H Aerospace recommends a 3/16″x36″ launch rod on an extension post to ensure the model achieves a safe speed before leaving the rod.

Flight demo:

Build video:

6 reviews for Windlance D-engine Boost/Glider

  1. John Eric Thompson

    The big D powered boost glider is terrific. I just launched mine this past weekend and the glider caught a nice thermal and stayed up in the air longer than I expected.
    Definitely worth building.
    It caught everyones eye that attended the launch.

  2. John Eric Thompson

    The video here was from the second awesome flight:
    It gets better and better each flight.

  3. J Thompson

    Another picture perfect flight. The rocket boosted perfectly on a D12-3 and stayed up in the air for almost two minutes. It glider over a herd of cattle and slowly made a turn back near the launch field. This kit rocks!

  4. David Feldman

    I’ve built and flown many boost gliders in my time (began back in the 70s!). The Windlance D is a winner. Quality parts, excellent instructional video. Great boost and gentle/stable glide. It’s a crowd pleaser, for sure!

  5. John Deagen (verified owner)

    What a flying machine! Everyone likes to see it fly around the field. For perfect trim, I only had to add a couple grams to the tail and then a little down flap to the right canard for more lift up front, and also so that it would fly in a big left circle instead of leaving the launch area. To keep the weight to a minimum, I used inks instead of paints.

  6. John Deagen (verified owner)

    Correction: I added down flap to both canards for lift up front. A little more to the right side so that it would circle to the left.

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