Switchblade S Rocket Glider Kit

Switchblade S Rocket Glider

Switchblade S Rocket Glider Kit


A robust swing wing rocket glider which doesn’t require hours of sanding to perfect the hinges. Flies on 13 mm 1/2A-A Estes engines, and 1/4A engines with a piston launcher. This model is extremely reliable is one of the easiest rocket gliders to build, requiring no sanding of airfoil cross sections. It is, however, an extremely high performance model if those airfoils are sanded in, combining perfect, straight launches with a long, floating glide. Does not include rocket engines, launch pad, or ignition controller.

Kit includes:

– Hand selected contest grade balsa
– Formed wire components
– All hardware for mechanisms
– Detailed instruction manual

Required for completion:

– Basic assembly tools such as hobby knife, CA glue, and sand paper
– Estes 1/2A3-2T and/or A3-4T engines
– Launch pad and controller

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