Build the world’s smallest airplane!

Josh built this ridiculously tiny airplane. Here are the specs, so you can try to beat his 10 second record!

The wood sizes are as follows:

Motorstick: 0.020″x0.045″
Wing posts: 0.020″ sq
Tailboom: 0.020″ sq
Bearing, hook, and shaft: 0.006″ spring steel
Wing spars: 0.020″x.015″
Ribs: 0.020″x.010″
Stab spars and ribs: 0.020″x.015″
Prop spars: 0.020″ sq
Prop blades: 0.010″ sheet
Covering: OS film

Fact check: despite the claims of some, the matchbox flyers were NOT smaller than this airplane. The internet literally being forever, we can still access this important historical information:

Build video, Part 1:

Build video Part 2:

4 thoughts on “Build the world’s smallest airplane!”

  1. Ohohohooo. You think you beat me on this? You are darn lucky that I don’t have any 1/64 wood! I’d strip that square, then use 1/16 as the motorstick and 1/32 as the TB…

    Grr. You’re not escaping me! >=)

  2. It’s hard to see how thin your rubber is.
    Have you heard of #107 3/4” orthodontic rubber?
    These bands are soft gold and have a break weight of 2.5 oz.

    1. This is Tan Supersport, which has a much better stretch ratio than orthodontic bands. I stripped it to about .006″ thickness, so about 1/4 the thickness of an orthodontic band.

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