F1N-150 Catapult Gliders

F1N-150 is a nifty contest class for indoor catapult glides under 150mm wingspan (roughly 5.9 inches). These models have become popular in Europe and often classes feature many young people flying these easy to build, nice flying airplanes.

Some of these models fly remarkably well, especially considering their diminutive size:

We at J&H Aerospace can’t let Eastern Europe have all the fun, so we designed a Micro Protege to help popularize this class in the US. Josh’s model came out at 0.65g balanced for flight, and Hope’s is around 0.8g. Both fly nicely in the 24-25 second range in a 24′ ceiling. These models fly suprisingly easily. We should also note that J&H Aerospace sponsored pilot Ross Clements is getting into the low 30’s in a 40′ Cat II site.

There’s a kit too!

Here’s Josh’s flight demo, showing flight times in the mid 20’s under a 24′ ceiling:

Build instructions for the Micro Protege:

Trimming instructions:

Successful F1N and F1N-150 plans collection: http://s43.photobucket.com/user/watt1992/library/F1N%20models?sort=3&page=1

Another plans thread (not in English): http://aeromodelarstvo.net/Forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=2678&DisplayType=nested&setCookie=1

And even more not-in-English: http://aeromodelarstvo.net/Forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=2292&start=1

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