Sky Slash II Boost/Glider plans

Note from Josh Finn: The Sky Slash II was was a free plan in an old Estes publication, originally submitted to an Estes design contest by Larry Renger who went on to a very successful career at Estes. It was the first widely known front engine boost/glider and completely revolutionized the sport of rocketry following its dominating successes which began in 1962. Sky Slash II was my first introduction to gliding rockets when I was 9 years old. I would like to thank Mike and Angie Spohn for building out several 50% scale versions of the model and sacrificing them to introduce me and their boys to a sport we had never seen before. That day we launched the first one changed the entire course of my life.

The plans provided here are for the benefit of the rocketry and model aviation communities. Please use them to excite another generation of pilots, engineers, and astronauts.

Original plan/article

Original plans

Josh’s CAD plans (60% and full scale)

J&H Aerospace 60% scale kit (currently without instructions)

Flight demo:

Build instructions:

Trimming instructions:

More flight footage:

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