Mercer University Flight Demos

The Mercer Robotics Club visited SuperSod’s farm in Warner Robins, and J&H Aerospace was invited to demo a few aircraft. The club recently purchased two kits for the experimental Switchblade A/B, a higher powered version of the XP intended to allow rocket powered FPV flying.

Joshua Finn’s Smoothie made an appearance, putting up two very nice flights.

Jake Kutrufis, one of Joshua’s coworkers and an engineering student at Mercer, piloted the Switchblade XP for the first time. He is the first person other than the designer to fly this aircraft and had a lot of fun goofing around with it. Congratulations, Jake!

J&H Aerospace wishes to thank the Mercer Robotics Club for this fantastic opportunity and looks forward to our next outing with the club (hopefully in two weeks!).

2 thoughts on “Mercer University Flight Demos”

  1. Loved seeing the smoothie. I plan on that being my next build. I’m in Atlanta, where are you guys flying? hard to find a good field to fly in in the city.

    1. Randy, go have a look at They have a site over at Whitesburg that’s good for 2 minute flights. Much past 3 and you’re pushing it most days, though. If you ever have time to visit Warner Robins, give me a yell. We’ve gotten occasional access to a really nice field on the edge of town (where these vids were shot).

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